Bulleid Light Pacific No.34081 92 Squadron on The North Norfolk Railway (former M&GN) 14th May 2005

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Countersunk Brass Woodscrews

These are traditional solid brass woodscrews, supplied in imperial (inch) sizing. To prevent the timber from splitting, holes for these screws must be drilled first. Initially drill a pilot hole to the full screw length, followed a clearance hole to accommodate the unthreaded portion of the screw then finally countersinking the surface of the timber or component as needed.

These screws have the advantage of being easily soldered. For the railway modeller they have two main uses:

Track Alignment
To secure & maintain accurate track alignment across baseboard joints. Place screws into both baseboard tops, close to the edges & beneath each of the rails. The screws can then be screwed in or out to give an accurate vertical rail alignment. The rails should then be aligned horizontally & set to the correct gauge before being soldered to the screws. To provide a strong but cosmetically acceptable joint, the solder can be shaped to resemble rail chairs, finally hide the screw heads beneath ballast.

Electrical Connections
Where an electrical connection is needed to baseboard fittings that cannot be easily soldered to. A good example being the use of aluminium bodied barrel bolts to lock traversers where the bolt is also used as a switch to connect power to the correct traverser track. Just substitute one of the securing screws in each part with a brass screw, then solder the wires to them.

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Brass Woodscrews
(Pack of 10)

Code Description Price Qty. Status
FKB458 Brass Csk Woodscrews No.4 x 5/8"
2.7mm x 16mm (10 off)
0.80 In
FKB634 Brass Csk Woodscrews No.6 x 3/4"
3.4mm x 19mm (10 off)
1.30 In
FKB601 Brass Csk Woodscrews No.6 x 1"
3.4mm x 25mm (10 off)
1.65 In

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