Bulleid Light Pacific No.34081 92 Squadron on The North Norfolk Railway (former M&GN) 14th May 2005

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Photograph of Train Set Baseboard Adjuster
Drawing of Train Set Baseboard Adjuster

Small Insert Baseboard Adjuster, 10mm

My smallest train set baseboard adjuster, designed to fit into a 11mm diameter x 22mm hole drilled into the end of the model railway baseboard leg, which should ideally be at least 40mm square.

Adjustment is limited to 12mm, but it's a very tidy looking baseboard adjuster, ideal if appearance is important, such as baseboards that are located in the main living area. The base is fixed to the spindle but has a nylon face to protect the floor.

This is a good quality adjuster, the base being steel encased nylon, crimped to the shaft.

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