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Photograph of model train baseboard, small alignment dowels
Drawing of model train baseboard, small alignment dowels

Chromatized Steel Baseboard Alignment Dowel (Cabinet Makers)

Price is for one assembly.
Two assemblies are needed per joint.

The cabinet makers dowel is easier to fit than the pattern makers although not as accurate, with a clearance of 0.3mm (0.012").

Fitting Notes

To ensure accurate alignment each corresponding pair of baseboard ends should be clamped together & drilled as a pair. Whenever possible this should be done in a pillar drill, before assembly of the boards. To ensure that the dowels are fitted securely into the baseboards the holes should be slightly undersized. Initially the board ends should be through drilled to approximately 3mm, followed by a drill 0.5mm smaller than the dowel diameter.

The dowels can the be either pressed or lightly hammered into the baseboard end.

There is a difference in the ends of the female half, one has a slight external chamfer, this end should be inserted into the baseboard.

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FD1000 0.50 In
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