Bulleid Light Pacific No.34081 92 Squadron on The North Norfolk Railway (former M&GN) 14th May 2005

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Model train fiddle yard traverser runner Photo

Lightweight Traverser Runners

A low cost solution for the smaller fiddle yard.

Fitting Notes
The load ratings are for runners that are fitted vertically (see drawing). These runners should not be installed horizontally as the load capacity would be greatly reduced. Although additional support could be provided by the provision of rollers, the traverser would have to be very accurately constructed to operate smoothly. Model train fiddle yard traverser runner, end view


Do not make any modification that allows the bearing housing to be withdrawn from the outer runner. This would allow the ball bearings to fall out.

These runners provide two way travel without modification. As manufactured, the inner & outer parts cannot be separated. It is possible to either flatten or remove the stop tabs at one or both ends of the inner rail, allowing it to be withdrawn. In most cases this is not a practical solution, as it requires significant force to completely withdraw the inner rail, due to compression of the bearing housing by the end stops on the outer rail. It may be acceptable for occasional maintenance, but not for frequent dismantling, in this case the heavy duty units would provide a better solution.

Model train fiddleyard traverser rail, as manufactured

As Manufactured
Model train fiddleyard traverser runner, as modified


Model train fiddle yard traverser rail, dimensions
Model train fiddleyard traverser rail, as modified

Code Installed Length L Travel
One Way
Two Way
A Maximum Load
Per Runner
FRL246 246mm 170mm 338mm 128mm 6 kg
FRL310 310mm 225mm 462mm 192mm 6 kg

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Model train fiddle yard traverser rail
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